North Woods Construction Ltd
Landscaping & Trees

25 years experience

North Woods has been establishing and managing woodland in the Scottish Highlands for over 25 years and includes tree and shrub planting in any building project where this is possible. There is nearly always an opportunity with new build private houses to improve the local environment with the careful choice of species and North Woods has experience of establishing small woodlands in even the most severe coastal environments.

At Ceol Mara on Loch Broom, built in 2004, we planted around 360 trees and shrubs, many with white blossom - bird cherry, gean, guelder rose, hawthorn and blackthorn.

26 native species

There are at least 26 species of tree and shrub considered as native to the Highlands of Scotland and we can supplement this list with a number of other hardy exotics. Fencing will be required in all projects and we can install rabbit guards or tree shelters to improve survival rates and protect against rodents where necessary.

ĎA Handbook of Scotlandís Treesí published by Saraband 2011 and with an introduction by Bernard Planterose is a useful guide to species selection. See Occasional writings